TMIIV,,Collar,Pet Supplies , Dogs,$10,/lighterful111104.html,Dog,After-Surgery,Recovery,Cat TMIIV Dog Cat Special Campaign After-Surgery Recovery Collar $10 TMIIV Dog Cat Recovery Collar After-Surgery Pet Supplies Dogs TMIIV Dog Cat Special Campaign After-Surgery Recovery Collar TMIIV,,Collar,Pet Supplies , Dogs,$10,/lighterful111104.html,Dog,After-Surgery,Recovery,Cat $10 TMIIV Dog Cat Recovery Collar After-Surgery Pet Supplies Dogs

TMIIV Max 85% OFF Dog Cat Special Campaign After-Surgery Recovery Collar

TMIIV Dog Cat Recovery Collar After-Surgery


TMIIV Dog Cat Recovery Collar After-Surgery

Product description

Size:L: Neck Circumference: 16.6-21.6in / 42-55cm


Materials: eco-friendly PVC + short plush outer ring

Color: Blue

Size: M: Neck Circumference: 22 - 28cm / 8.7 - 11in L: Neck Circumference: 42-55cm / 16.6-21.6in XL: Neck Circumference: 55cm / 21.6in or more

Weight: 110g, 190g, 240g

Packing list: 1 x Pet Inflatable Recovery Collar

Note: First of all, please measure the correct size of your dog or cat! And, since the cat’s body is very soft, our recovery collar may not be suitable for smaller cats.

TMIIV Dog Cat Recovery Collar After-Surgery

Image:  Robe Camel Farm, Limestone Coast

COVID-19 business support

Stimulus measure for businesses affected by COVID-19.

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