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USB Ranking TOP2 C Charger 25W Beauty products Super Fast for Sa Block Charging Wall

USB C Charger, 25W Super Fast Charging Wall Charger Block for Sa


USB C Charger, 25W Super Fast Charging Wall Charger Block for Sa


Product Description

samsung fast charger

Advanced Charging Technology

Give all your USB-C phones and tablets a blazing-fast power boost, with Power Delivery providing a high-speed charge.

High-Speed Sync

Included a 5ft/ 1.5m USB C-C charging cable that lets you can work and charge your laptop anywhere, support 480Mbps data syncing.

Designed for Travel

The ultra-lightweight and compact shape fits your luggage requirements. You can use it also at home to have spare chargers in any room or even have several at work or your office!

Save Over One Hour

25W USB C Charger provides you max 25W output power, charging Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 plus up to 50% in just 30 minutes, Full charging in only 1h

Universal Compatibility:

For Samsung Galaxy Charger: 25W USB C charger, perfect quick charger compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21Ultra/S20/S20+/S20 Ultra/Note 20/Note 10/10 plus/S10Plus/S9/S9+/S8/S8+ Plus/Active/Note 9/Note 8

For Google Charger: Charger for Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel XL, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3A, Pixel 3A XL, Pixel C Tab, Google Chromebook Pixel

For the 2018 iPad Pro Charger: Included a USB C to C cable, you can charge your iPad Pro 12.9-in.(4th generation), iPad pro 11-in.(2nd generation) directly, Notice: only the 2018 iPad Pro is a USB C port! ( If you want to charge your iPad or iPhone which is a light-ning port, you need to buy an extra Type-C toLight- ning cable, not included.)

For LG Charger: Replacement charger for LG G7 Thing, G6, G5, Stylo 4, V20, V30, V35, V30S, V40 ThinQ Plus

For Motorola Charger: Replacement charger for Motorola Moto G6, G6 Plus, G7 Plus, G7 Power, Moto X4, Moto Z4, Z3, Z3 Play, Z2 Force, Z2 Play, Moto Z, Z Play, Z Force, Z Force Droid, Turbo Charger

galaxy s20 charger super fast charger

USB C Charger, 25W Super Fast Charging Wall Charger Block for Sa

World Population
retrieving data...Current World Population
World Population:
  • has reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011.
  • is projected to reach 8 billion in 2023, 9 billion in 2037, and 10 billion people in the year 2055.
  • has doubled in 40 years from 1959 (3 billion) to 1999 (6 billion).
  • is currently (2020) growing at a rate of around 1.05 % per year, adding 81 million people per year to the total.
  • growth rate reached its peak in the late 1960s, when it was at 2.09%.
  • growth rate is currently declining and is projected to continue to decline in the coming years (reaching below 0.50% by 2050, and 0.03% in 2100) .
  • a tremendous change occurred with the industrial revolution: whereas it had taken all of human history up to the year 1800 for world population to reach 1 billion, the second billion was achieved in only 130 years (1930), the third billion in 30 years (1960), the fourth billion in 15 years (1974), the fifth billion in 13 years (1987), the sixth billion in 12 years (1999) and the seventh billion in 12 years (2011). During the 20th century alone, the population in the world has grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion.

Sources for the world population counter:

For more detailed information:

retrieving data...Births this year
"this year" = from January 1 (00:00) up to now
retrieving data...Births today
"today" = from the beginning of the current day up to now
retrieving data...Deaths this year
retrieving data...Deaths today
retrieving data...Net population growth this year
"net population growth" = births minus deaths
retrieving data...Net population growth today
Government & Economics
$ retrieving data...Public Healthcare expenditure today
Quick facts:
  • Total global healthcare expenditure represent around 9% of world GDP
  • Government portion of healthcare expenditure is around 60%

Sources and info:

$ retrieving data...Public Education expenditure today
Quick facts:
  • Public spending on education in the world is around 5% of global GDP

Sources and info:

$ retrieving data...Public Military expenditure today
Sources and info:
Quick facts:
  • As recently as 1965, bicycle and car production volumes were essentially the same, at nearly 20 million each per year, but as of 2003 bike production had climbed to over 100 million per year compared with around 50 million cars produced that year.

Sources and info:

Society & Media
retrieving data...New book titles published Kipling Pahneiro (Dark Plum Tonal)
retrieving data...Newspapers circulated today
retrieving data...TV sets sold worldwide today
Sources and info:
retrieving data...Cellular phones sold today
Sources and info:
$ retrieving data...Money spent on videogames today
retrieving data...Internet users in the world today
retrieving data...Emails sent today
Sources and info:
retrieving data...Blog posts written today
Sources and info:
retrieving data...Tweets sent today
Sources and info:
  • Internet Live Stats (
retrieving data...Google searches today
retrieving data...Forest loss Airtex E2093S Fuel Pump Sender Assembly (hectares)
Quick Facts:
  • The number shown above is net of reforestation
Sources and info:
retrieving data...Land lost to soil erosion 12 Pcs Blank Sublimation Phone Holders Set, Collapsible Phone Gr (ha)
Sources and info:
Quick Facts:
  • CO2 Emissions shown are from Fossil Fuel Combustion
Sources and info:
retrieving data... Toxic chemicals released
in the environment Golden Lighting 3604-S PW-BK Duncan Pendant, Pewter with Black S
retrieving data...Undernourished people in the world
retrieving data...Overweight people in the world
Sources and info:
retrieving data...Obese people in the world
Sources and info:
retrieving data...People who died of hunger today
Sources and info:
$ retrieving data...Money spent for obesity related
diseases in the USA today
Sources and info:
$ retrieving data...Money spent on weight loss
programs in the USA today
Sources and info:

Quick Facts:

  • Withdrawals for irrigation are nearly 70% of the total withdrawn for human uses, those for industry 20%, and those for municipal use about 10%

Sources and info:

  • Global Water Outlook to 2025 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
  • World Water Council
retrieving data...Deaths caused by water related
diseases kemimoto Motorcycle Universal Slip on Exhaust Silencers Mufflers
Sources and info:
retrieving data...People with no access to
a safe drinking water source
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Sources and info:
retrieving data...Energy used today (MWh), of which:
Sources and info:
retrieving data...- from non-renewable sources (MWh)
retrieving data...- from renewable sources (MWh)
Sources and info:
  • Renewables Global Status Report - REN21
retrieving data... Solar energy striking Earth today
Sources and info:
retrieving data...Oil pumped today (barrels)
Quick Facts:
  • Barrel = 42 Gallons = 159 Liters

Sources and info:

retrieving data...Oil left (barrels)
Sources and info:
retrieving data...Days to the end of oil (~... years)
Countdown to the end of Oil:

retrieving data...

  • If consumed at current rates

Sources and info:

retrieving data...Natural Gas left (boe)
Quick Facts:
  • Boe = barrel of oil equivalent

Sources and info:

  • Skechers Men's Go Run 600 55076 Sneaker - Energy Information Administration (EIA) - Data from BP Statistical Review, Oil & Gas Journal, World Oil, BP Statistical Review, CEDIGAZ, and Oil & Gas Journal.
retrieving data...Days to the end of natural gas
retrieving data...Coal left (boe)
retrieving data...Days to the end of coal
retrieving data...Communicable disease deaths Hurley Men's Realtree Camo Bucket Sun Hat
Sources and info:
retrieving data...Seasonal flu deaths ACDelco Professional 4SD28XE Negative Battery Cable
Quick facts:
  • Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses.
  • This figure corresponds to 795 to 1,781 deaths per day due to the seasonal flu.

Sources and info:

retrieving data...Deaths of children under 5 OLUKAI Women's Hale'Iwa
retrieving data...Abortions Hjc Helmets Hjv5 Sun Visor Dark Smoke
Sources and info:
retrieving data...HIV/AIDS infected people
Sources and info:
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Sources and info:
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  • Cancer - World Health Organization (WHO)
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  • Malaria - World Health Organization (WHO)
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