$14 Personalized Ninja Creative Ceramic Mug,Office Home,Coffee,Mmilk Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Personalized Ninja Creative Ceramic Mug Mmilk Coffee Home Opening large release sale Office digital-lightroom.net,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Personalized,Creative,Ninja,Mug,Office,$14,Ceramic,/duplicity1797680.html,Home,Coffee,Mmilk Personalized Ninja Creative Ceramic Mug Mmilk Coffee Home Opening large release sale Office digital-lightroom.net,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Personalized,Creative,Ninja,Mug,Office,$14,Ceramic,/duplicity1797680.html,Home,Coffee,Mmilk $14 Personalized Ninja Creative Ceramic Mug,Office Home,Coffee,Mmilk Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Personalized Austin Mall Ninja Creative Ceramic Mug Mmilk Coffee Home Opening large release sale Office

Personalized Ninja Creative Ceramic Mug,Office Home,Coffee,Mmilk


Personalized Ninja Creative Ceramic Mug,Office Home,Coffee,Mmilk

Product description


Material: Heat-resistant ceramics (cup body, coaster and stirring spoon); fabric heat-insulating cup cover

Contains: cup×1; cup cover×1; ninja dart coaster×1; ninja knife-shaped spoon×1

Weight: gross weight 555g (474g on the body)

Colour: Black

Size: The cup size is about 9.5cm(H)8cm(D)

Before first use, wash all parts with warm water. Rinse all parts thoroughly and allow time to dry.

The black ceramics show the unique charm of the ninja. The fabric mask can not only heat insulation and loyal to our ninja to hide it well. It is also equipped with cute ninja dart coasters and ninja knife spoons, whether it is coffee or cereal. Is your good helper. Whether you are a Naruto fan or a Ninja fan, I think you don't want to miss such a cool Ninja Cup opening and let your Ninja appear on stage. It's time for the office to

Personalized Ninja Creative Ceramic Mug,Office Home,Coffee,Mmilk



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