Lights,Party,/borofluorin1943360.html,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,L,LED,Ezire,Projector,DJ,$23,Disco,Red,Blue,Laser,Green, Ezire LED Disco DJ Laser Party Blue Limited price Green Projector Red Lights L $23 Ezire LED Disco DJ Laser Party Lights Projector Red Green Blue L Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage Lights,Party,/borofluorin1943360.html,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,L,LED,Ezire,Projector,DJ,$23,Disco,Red,Blue,Laser,Green, Ezire LED Disco DJ Laser Party Blue Limited price Green Projector Red Lights L $23 Ezire LED Disco DJ Laser Party Lights Projector Red Green Blue L Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage

Ezire Jacksonville Mall LED Disco DJ Laser Party Blue Limited price Green Projector Red Lights L

Ezire LED Disco DJ Laser Party Lights Projector Red Green Blue L


Ezire LED Disco DJ Laser Party Lights Projector Red Green Blue L

Product description

Party Lights Disco Ball Light,Ezire Dj Lighting LED Stage Light Projector Strobe Lights Sound Activated with Remote Control for Xmas Club Bar Party Holiday Dance Christmas Birthday Home Decoration

Enjoy your parties:

◕‿◕1. With the remote, you can switch the color and music mode easily.
◕‿◕2. Music Activated, powerful voice-activated sensor captures nearby sounds or music and changes color or speed with the music.
◕‿◕3. You can put the Disco Lights on your desk, and you can also installed on the ceiling or wall. It lights up the room so well and the color dots move all over the room!
Safety Tips:

◕‿◕1. The lighting is designed for indoor demonstration, please do not use this product in a water environment for long-term. When using Ezire disco light outdoor, please take waterproofing measures.
◕‿◕2. Please do not stare at the luminous unit for a long time, so as not to cause discomfort to your eyes.
◕‿◕3. Please often wipe the unit with a dry and clean cloth.
◕‿◕4. Personnel,who to take the installation, operation and maintenance, must be familiar with the lighting performance. Most if the damage is resulted from unfamiliar with its performance.
Packing List:

◕‿◕Disco lights x 1
◕‿◕Power supply x1
◕‿◕Remote control x1
◕‿◕User Instruction

Ezire LED Disco DJ Laser Party Lights Projector Red Green Blue L

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