CARFIB for VW Volkswagen Accessories Steering 2021 spring and summer new Stick Wheel Decals Stick,Accessories,Decals,Automotive , Replacement Parts,,VW,Wheel,Volkswagen,$4,CARFIB,for,Steering,/airmail111212.html CARFIB for VW Volkswagen Accessories Steering 2021 spring and summer new Stick Wheel Decals $4 CARFIB for VW Volkswagen Accessories Steering Wheel Decals Stick Automotive Replacement Parts $4 CARFIB for VW Volkswagen Accessories Steering Wheel Decals Stick Automotive Replacement Parts Stick,Accessories,Decals,Automotive , Replacement Parts,,VW,Wheel,Volkswagen,$4,CARFIB,for,Steering,/airmail111212.html

CARFIB for All items free shipping VW Volkswagen Accessories Steering 2021 spring and summer new Stick Wheel Decals

CARFIB for VW Volkswagen Accessories Steering Wheel Decals Stick


CARFIB for VW Volkswagen Accessories Steering Wheel Decals Stick

Product description


★Please contact us to get support if you have any questions or concerns about our products.
◎Name: VW Steering Wheel Logo Cap.
◎Package: 1pc Aluminum Alloy cap for the steering wheel logo and 1pc additional adhesive for spare.
◎Material: Aluminum alloy.
◎Position: Volkswagen steering wheel Logo.
◎Clean the steering wheel logo with alcohol pads.
◎Tear off the cover of the back adhesive, heat the adhesive and stick the cap on the steering wheel logo and press over 10 seconds.
◎Actual color maybe different of the picture due to the shooting environment and angle.

CARFIB for VW Volkswagen Accessories Steering Wheel Decals Stick


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