$9 AC Safe Vinyl Side Panel Home Kitchen Home Décor AC Limited price Safe Vinyl Panel Side Safe,AC,digital-lightroom.net,Side,/actinomycosis1797978.html,$9,Panel,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,Vinyl AC Limited price Safe Vinyl Panel Side Safe,AC,digital-lightroom.net,Side,/actinomycosis1797978.html,$9,Panel,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,Vinyl $9 AC Safe Vinyl Side Panel Home Kitchen Home Décor

AC Limited price Safe Vinyl Panel Side Superlatite

AC Safe Vinyl Side Panel


AC Safe Vinyl Side Panel

Product description


Replacement vinyl panels universal design adapts to all types of window units. The kit includes two cut-to-fit accordion style panels and four press-apply ends. It is easy to install and only requires a screwdriver, regular scissors, a measuring tape and some sandpaper. Prevents air leakage along sides of window AC unit. Replaces brittle / cracked / damaged side panels.

From the manufacturer

AC Safe Vinyl Side Panel

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